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Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: Thursday February 8, 2024

6 – 8 pm

February 8 – February 25, 2024

Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

Mymicrogallery is pleased to present, from 8 February to 25 February, “Body of Anguish”, the first solo show by the Milanese artist Laura Montuschi who addresses the theme through a singular narrative in which the body is the protagonist. These are eighteen digital works performed on an iPad and then printed on canvas, in which the artist stages a subjectivity in which an interaction is sought between outside and inside, between the parts and the whole.
The use of a digital palette allows for rapid annotation of moods and allows for an infinite series of formal and chromatic rethinking. And in the artist’s works, with a strong emotional impact and intense contrasts, red and black often prevail, a combination that emphasizes the theme of conflict.
Talking about pain, about one’s own internal torment through images: this is Laura Montuschi’s intent. Bodies are fragments, ghosts, they inhabit the void and shout out their presence. And if words are no longer enough to express one’s state of mind, the representation of experience gives the exact outline to what is not seen but heard, and allows us to hold together a world that at times seems to be falling apart. pieces.
Discomposed bodies, bodies that find refuge, bodies that show the impact of the assault on life, of a weight that alters movements, bodies of anguish, anguish as a critical moment, but which also opens up to the need for sense of the spirit human. Halfway between skeleton and flesh, Laura’s creatures lend themselves to multiple readings. And therefore not only dismay in the face of one’s own limits and the risks of an existential void, but a vital desire that alternates Eros with Thanatos, and reveals a great creative energy that yearns for its completion. And then there are wounds, those that are seen and those that are invisible, which bleed from the inside, which seek not only words to be understood, but also images for those who have the courage to look into the chasms of existence. Laura’s figures with a surreal and dreamlike charge do not describe, but present themselves, appear and then hide, they have a thousand eyes to see in multiple directions.
In all this hassle, those who resist are those who transform all pain into creation, those who sublimate anguish into creative power, those who respond to that subtle violence that penetrates everyday life, even through the media, through confrontation with their own “ghosts”, so that all the fear can find shelter, I listen. And these works have the charm of the beginning, they affirm the will to exist.

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