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Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: Tuesday September 19, 2023

6 – 8 pm

September 19 – October 3, 2023

Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

Mymicrogallery is pleased to announce, from 19 September to 3 October, the first solo exhibition in Italy by the American artist Bonnie Eisen entitled: Charting Inner Territories. The artist proposes an immersive and sensorial journey through the use of Encaustic, an ancient pictorial technique, reinterpreted in a contemporary key, which is based on the use of colors mixed with wax through heat.The etymology of the term “encaustic” recalls the focusing of the material, with a double meaning, as the focusing here is to be understood in a symbolic sense, therefore the artist’s operation is to bring out, and then draw a map of emotions by exploring inner territories.

Bonnie Eisen builds her own particular abstract alphabet made of fluid geometries, interconnected signs which, in the harmonious response of the shapes, limit, divide and then ultimately meet. Upon closer inspection, her works allow a double reading, they recall organisms seen under a microscope or earthly plans captured from space. The reasons for this height/depth ambivalence must obviously be sought in the reverential respect for everything that goes beyond the limits of human dominion, for the most unknowable phenomena, with mysterious and unfathomable evolution.Her works are imbued with movement, growth and dynamism and a sense of wonder at the limitless possibilities that the encaustic technique offers. The vision expands, and the artist’s viewfinder is precise, it is a means of control over the chaos of matter where the fusion between wax and color produces unexpected results.The artist’s will is always to dialogue with chaos, a necessary modus operandi to give voice to one’s own emotional geography, redesigning new existential boundaries.Almost all of her works have no title, because the presence of the material and the poetics of doing absorb any word and escape any definition.The tension between nature and culture, randomness and determination are both represented to let a flow of energy flow entirely within the material. Because, Bonnie Eisen wants the observer to participate in her creative process and find the pleasure of contemplating and reading the work beyond too many mental barriers that can hinder the free flow of sensitivity and perception.

Bonnie Eisen helps us to see by focusing on what is, interested more in the process of making, in the beauty of matter, where heat produces forms like primordial magma from which unexpected landscapes arise and where terrestrial energy, like wax with colour, merges with space, in a single vital field, where everything is ultimately one.

Bonnie Eisen is an American artist born and raised in Massachusetts. She has lived in California, Florida, and currently resides in Boise, Idaho.Bonnie is a multidisciplinary artist, working in the disciplines of photography, painting and sculpture, having most recently begun working with encaustic medium. She is largely self-taught and her work has been exhibited in numerous groups shows, museum exhibitions and solo shows. Her current body of work is focused on the investigation of the natural properties of encaustic medium. She is currently exploring how organic shapes and patterns relate to one another through form, color and rhythm. The act of pouring beeswax onto a surface becomes a choreographed endeavor, focused on the interplay between controlled movement and the intrinsic drift of the medium.


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