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01.06.2023 -15.06.2023

Solo exhibition

MyMicrogallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of German artist Dorothea Walz “Everything is in Flux” curated by Stefania Carrozzini. This exhibition is made up of 37 etchings  in which the artist has developed and interpreted various mythological themes placing them as the fulcrum of a wider narrative from which emerges the artist’s will to express that “everything is flux”, the “everything flows” of Heraclitus capturing in the myth above all the evolutionary aspect of being. Artists of various eras, from humanism to the contemporary, have often used the myth to tell their present.

Also for Dorothea Walz the Greek myth is an inexhaustible source of inspiration whose messages are universal and current. Fascinated by this ever-changing world where people become plants, animals, stones, rivers or stars or, conversely, stones become people, the artist recreates her own expressive universe inhabited by new creatures that populate unexplored landscapes.
The same work process used by the artist is significant as it represents her vision of the world in which chance, the unexpected, open the door to wonder. Everything flows and transforms and since the dawn of the mythological story, the principle of becoming presents the world in a constant state of flux and change. And this is one of the central themes of Dorothea Walz’s creative process, the starting point of a method that allows her to build new stories, which feed on the sensitivity of the present.
Greek mythology is a continuous source of inspiration for Dorothea Walz and the object of the mythology is always something that is above the narrator, it is super-individual and fills the soul with images. Today, the same conflicts and passions narrated in myths are part of the psyche and take place exactly as in Greek mythology. The Greek myth assigns a limit to man who cannot go beyond the laws of nature and the cosmological order, while in our technical society, the concept of limit seems to have been overcome. In the current era of exaggerated limitlessness everything seems possible and imaginable.

Never has human beings been faced with a high-risk factor capable of disturbing the continuity of the natural cycle as today. Dorothea Walz’s works are therefore an invitation to awareness through a visionary, ethereal poetic language, to understand that we are actually made of the same substance as dreams. The principle of creative inspiration participates in the endless time of the myth, the time of continuous becoming, where the poet sings the truth of the soul and the artist in the state of flux, is the object and subject of a continuous transformation.

Dorothea Walz was born in Karlsruhe in Germany, lives and works in Schwerin in Germany.
She studied classical literature and Romance languages at the universities of Heidelberg, Lille and Perugia with a PhD. You have taught at the Universities of Heidelberg, Wuppertal and Freiburg/Switzerland. While studying she undertook courses in watercolor and nude at the University of Heidelberg. From 2007 onwards her artistic activity intensifies. She attends numerous courses at various art academies and private lessons in Germany and Italy. Since 2019 she is a freelance artist. She teaches art in Schwerin and in Homburg / Saar. You have held numerous personal exhibitions in Germany and in Venice.

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