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Bonnie Eisen lives and works in Idaho, US.. Bonnie Eisen is an American artist born in Brockton, Massachusetts. She has lived much of much of her adult life in the western United States,  and currently resides in Boise, Idaho. Bonnie Eisen has been producing art for more than three decades. A multidisciplinary artist, her photography, painting and sculpture, have been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the United States and Canada. Her current body of work is focused on exploring the natural properties of encaustic medium. She is currently experimenting with various systems of embedding and subtracting beeswax to expose pattern and color fields in an underlying painting. Classically trained as a dancer, the physical act of pouring the encaustic onto a surface becomes a choreographed endeavor, focused on balancing control and the uncontrollable. Bonnie was inspired to work with beeswax as a medium, after viewing the work of Medardo Rosso in Florence, Italy.

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