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Giancarlo Majocchi: I Walked the Earth


I Walked the Earth

18.10.2022 – 31.10.2022


MyMicroGallery is pleased to announce “I Walked the Earth”, a solo exhibition by photographer Giancarlo Majocchi. The exhibition is part of the “Milano Photofestival” event which this year has reached its seventeenth edition.

The desire for knowledge and experience, but above all the desire to understand our nature through contact with the Earth, are the deep motivations that have driven Giancarlo Majocchi’s photographic research over the years. The beauty of the terrestrial landscapes, from the Grand Canyon to Antarctica, from Europe to Australia, captured by Majocchi’s lens, unfold in a photographic journey, where nature presents itself in all its majesty with shapes that tend to harmonic abstractions.

Cleverly composed his shots evoke hidden textures of the landscape; lines and horizons, spaces and volumes, emphasized in colors and perspective planes, bring out visions on the verge of reality, because the image in a subsequent leap could totally lose its physicality to evoke metaphysical suggestions.Keeping himself on this magical threshold allows Majocchi to never lose sight of the subject, but to recall pictorial emotions. “I Walked the Earth” is the fascinating journey of a photographer who has made the journey, intended as a vital crossing, a symbol of interior research, starting from the places, to arrive at narrating, in the making, a personal emotional geography.

Giancarlo Majocchi graduated in engineering from the Milan Polytechnic and carried out high-level managerial activities for over 25 years in multinationals and then devoted himself to organization consultancy. He has been visiting all continents for over 40 years on and off business. In recent years, with more time free from constraints, he organizes on his own on average two trips a year. Photography represents the means to transfer to others the emotions and knowledge acquired during travels and encounters with other populations and places.
This is why he defines himself as a “travel” photographer. In recent years he has been carrying out his photographic activity with professional commitment, publishing some reportages on Touring and Latitudeslife. He has participated in some international competitions, obtaining awards such as in 2010 the 1st prize at the Trierengergsupercircuit, “Natural Environment” section and in 2011 the nomination of 5 images at the “Photografy Master Cup”. In 2012 he entered the final of the Oasis Photo Contest.

The photofestival catalog will be available in paper format in the gallery and will also be browsable and downloadable online on the website

The exhibition “I walked the Earth” will have a presence on the Virtual Photofestival channel, an online gallery which can be accessed from the website

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