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Jacqueline Real: Bring to Light

Mymicrogallery is pleased to present Bring to light, Jacqueline Real’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and the artist’s first in Milan. Presented in our Milan location in Via Giovanni Boccaccio 24 from November 3th to November 26th, and opening on November 3th, the exhibition will feature thirty-two dense and rhythmic acrylic paintings on canvas that draw inspiration from many sources, ranging mainly from history of abstraction to the lyrical declination of the developments of this style over the years. Her expressive alphabet is made up of attenuated geometric shapes that vibrate like floating bodies in the ethereal space of the painting. It is no coincidence that her favorite color is blue, a symbol of depth and intimate connection with the infinite, which gives the surfaces of her canvases fields of magnetic perception. Jacqueline Real is attracted to the void, inside which however she sees living presences that then manifest themselves to our gaze. She brings these presences to light through brushstrokes and layers of color, giving shape to areas of immaterial sensitivity. The synesthetic compositions that Jacqueline Real produces through her meticulous pictorial layering process are both sublime and sensual, mystical and direct.

Although firmly rooted in the realm of abstraction, Jacqueline Real’s paintings suggest entirely personal expressive outcomes, the result of many years of work that have seen the artist deepen and develop a communication based on the rhythm of emotions, following a harmonious register that has accompanied her entire long career as an artist. The body of the painting reveals states of the soul and the process of emotions; color creates space, revealing different frequencies and vibrations. This body of works oscillates between the personal search for intimate space through shapes and colors, which represent different moods by bringing them to light, as mentioned in the title of the exhibition. Her pictures are deeply connected with nature and they are expression of the subconscious. Her aim is to show a balance between form and colour, static and dynamic forces and at the same time express, with different shades of light, a strongly felt spiritual presence. She is greatly influenced by the unique light and colour of the sea at St Ives.’

Jacqueline Real was born in Zurich, Switzerland. After studying art in Zurich for several years, Jacqueline attended the master class at the International School of Modern Art, Salzburg, Austria, and continued her studies in Meran, Italy. In 1985 she married an Englishman and settled in Hove, England. Jacqueline is a Fellow of the Free Painters and Sculptors Group, London; a Member of the Swiss Painters, Sculptors and Architects and the Eastbourne Group of Artists.  She has exhibited regularly in England and Switzerland and has participated in exhibitions in America and Germany. She lives and works in Ascona (Switzerland)

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