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Gro Folkan


Gro Folkan was born in 1949 in Oslo, Norway and she lives between Oslo and Tromsoe. She studied Art at the National Art Academy in Oslo. She has had 30 solo exhibitions of her paintings in leading galleries in Norway and abroad and has also taken part in numerous joint exhibitions. Her works have been purchased by the Norwegian National Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo, the National Bank of Norway, Art collections , national universities, instititions, and national Offices. In  2019 she had a solo exhibition in New York, and in the autumn of 2020  a soloexhibition in Milan. The theme of her recent exhibitions is  ’FEMALE RUNE’ ’My pictures are instruments, like runes, used for thousand of years by Northern peoples to invoke hidden aspects of reality. The real pictures, the images are not the lines and colors on my canvases, but the images coming into being in the mind of the onlooker’

 Technique: I have worked for many years to develop  technique suitable for my purpose. I use metals a lot : gold,silver, brass, copper, aluminum, tin, smoked silver,paladium,platinum. If suitable I treat them chemically for the deeper layers of the artwork to come through and crate new colors. I also use interference colors that change depending on the angle of view. This is difficult to get illustrated in static digital displays.

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