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Patrick Dennis


Thresholds – Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

MyMicroGallery is pleased to announce “Thresholds”, a solo exhibition of Californian artist Patrick Dennis who exhibits for the first time in Milan. Living in Cambria on the central coast of California is a source of great inspiration for Patrick, and his paintings are testimony to the reflections on our precarious relationship with nature. The creative process develops starting from a first and strong impression in contact with the landscape, to then be elaborated and recreated by relying on memory. The works are performed with a special technique that involves many layers; the artist mixes varnish with the color, applying a background of torn paper. Patrick often uses musical scores, poems, newspapers and fabrics knowing that this layer will be covered by successive color sedimentations.

A threshold is a limit beyond which it is not known what can be seen; the artist invites us to co – create, or to imagine beyond the limit, beyond the borders of the gaze. In this narrative the Threshold is a symbol of transformation and osmosis, a liminal space in which everything is possible.

Evoking the fusion of the elements reactivates “The Feeling of the sublime” , and strong emotions such as fear but also attraction, serenity and detachment. As the artist says: “It’s not just about rendering the elements, evoking air, earth and water through an alchemical process. It’s about capturing the fragment of memory, a memory of light, that fleeting moment that is recovered from the experience of painting.”

It is important for the artist to convey awareness of the conflict between nature and our intrusive urbanization. His language is often played on the contrast between soft tones and more defined traits. Patrick traces horizons and skies, but does not aim at the representation but instead identifying a space entirely inside the painting, grasping its intimate sense, turning its gaze to the inner universe, an immaterial territory that knows no limits.The exhibition is composed of fifteen oil paintings on canvas and will be on view until February 25 (by appointment).

Patrick Dennis lived in California, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia and Washington D.C. He was a musician, restaurateur, teacher, museum specialist, gallery owner, and founder of thirteen contemporary art festivals. Patrick Dennis lives and works in Cambria, California.

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