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Yuko Shinozaki

Shinozaki Yuko’s works re-create the energy of the universe. Using the method of collage—with an eye to the uncanny juxtapositions this method engenders—her works are compositions of nature. Just as wholes in nature are often made up of gatherings of smaller parts, the almost cellular quality of her work derives from the sheer accretion of similitude to which her artistry gives expression. Intrinsic to this process is a principle of careful variation within the context of a series, whereby every indication of novelty becomes momentous.

Dwelling on the most minuscule details of the forms she chooses to thematize, the collage TABA-03 is a great example of Yuko’s working methods. The layering of white, kidney-like forms allows the overall the composition to suggest a tremendous power that lies beyond human understanding. The shadows outlining each surface lend the work an indeterminate spatial unity. Along with this, the picture radiates a love, gratitude, and awe for nature, which calmly affects us everyday. Limited only by the borders of the frame, the picture seems to continue on indefinitely, exploding all limits ad infinitum.

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