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The Heart Beat of Mother Earth ( Il battito del Cuore di Madre Terra)

“The Heart Beat of Mother Earth” draws its inspiration from a scientific fact recently brought to our knowledge: the electromagnetic frequencies of the Planet Earth have changed and have accelerated. The well known Schumann Resonance put “the heart beat” of the planet at 7.83 hertz. Now the peak of activity has increased and has been recorded at about 8,5Hz.


The Earth is changing its vibration frequency and we are too. Human beings, those who dwell on the planet, cannot fail to be affected by this change. The idea therefore, comes from an undeniable and scientific fact, only to then set in motion a series of symbolic and creative reflections and resonances which this theme engenders, as well as the coming of awareness as to how the artist, in his or her freedom as an author and creator, in reality is part of a greater fate. An evolutionary fact which takes into account not only the means of expression and technique, but also the transformation of feeling and of thought, an evolution which touches the very heart of creation. Conceived therefore, apparently as a meeting of personal cosmologies, in reality the exhibition stages the continuous challenge of the artists to find the point of connection between the Self and the universe, the subjective with the collective, and it invites one to reflect on the point of connection between ourselves and Entirety, to create a place of real belonging which has its vital point in art and creation.
All is one, because we are made of the same substance as the stars, the planets, water and the earth. It is a breath which takes on different forms, in time and in space, it shapes a single fate, which joins us together beyond all degrees of separation. The heartbeat is a symbol of life, like the beat of a drum which awakens our consciousness and makes us feel at one with the cosmos. It is a primordial sound which widens our imagination and sounds like an OM to infinity. In order to hear it we have to tune into inner frequencies, get into contact with the protective soul of the subterranean world, fertilize it with ideas, depart from the indistinct magma of the daily humdrum and, only then, will we find our voice. We will establish a true and authentic contact with the world around us, we will go beyond the ordinary vision of events and it will be easy for us to communicate and understand that all things are connected. We will be able to read nature and life as a book very rich in signs, at times incomprehensible, however never fortuitous.
The heartbeat of mother earth is our heartbeat, it is the rhythm of our breathing, and it reminds us of the pulsations we felt when we were in our mother’s womb, when we heard her heart. Art has to be like this memory, a powerful and vital voice which entices us and each time we hear it takes us back to the source, to our essence and original nature, a universally perceptive awareness which embraces the cosmos and becomes one with it. The heart beat of Mother Earth reminds us who we are, where we come from and where we are.

Stefania Carrozzini

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